Domaine Cros de Romet Cairanne, confinement numero 1, first lockdown

Quand y en a marre, y a Malabar ou y a Cairanne… Premier confinement, on commence a trouver le temps long. On ressort alors les bouteilles et les truffes ramenees par les parents lors de Noel. On l a fait vraiment ce premier confinement, seuls, avec le bebe. A bosser comme des fous, s occuper… Continue reading Domaine Cros de Romet Cairanne, confinement numero 1, first lockdown


Ma Catharsis du confinement/ lockdown need of speaking freely

Here we go again, encore un deconfinement… le deuxieme ou second ? Sortir de la maternite, du bebe, du quatrieme trimestre… Pour retourner chez soi. Avoir envie de changement pour finalement avoir l opportunite de passer quelques jours en vacances avant de retourner encore en confinement. Et pour combien de temps ? et un troisieme… Continue reading Ma Catharsis du confinement/ lockdown need of speaking freely

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Rothschild Allenby Market, Tel Aviv

Just a quick word about this amazing place I have been talking so much about Israel, wines, restaurants etc… that I forgot about this lovely place. Always open where you can find any type of food/Drinks… Rothschild Allendy Market You can find food at any time, drinks, and everything you want … And we travelled… Continue reading Rothschild Allenby Market, Tel Aviv

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JAJA, WineBar, Lille, France

JAJA Wine bar open for lunch and diner! In rue Saint André in Lille. https://www.lescachotteriesdelille.com/bars/le-jaja-un-nouveau-bar-a-vin-qui-vous-regale/ The place used to be a pool-bar, completly modified now. Good wooden tables, nice benches. Really cosy. And what i like the best and the quality versus price range! It is Great! Prices are not over the top, and you… Continue reading JAJA, WineBar, Lille, France

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Amsterdam, drinking beers, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ah … Amsterdam, Love this city. Especially when the weather is perfect. Warm but not too warm. Great escape for few days! Love their beer, and because the PINK colour is the Pantone of the year, why not tasting a pink – rosé beer? Wiecke Rosé Wiecke Well, never knew there was a Vivino for… Continue reading Amsterdam, drinking beers, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Grands Crus, tasting

Grands Crus Always great to taste Grands Crus! Even better to have a proper class about these wines. The idea here was mainly to taste Grands crus and to try to figure out the vintage, right or left bank and what grape variety was/were in. Pretty good idea especially on a friday afternoon. Lafont Rochet… Continue reading Grands Crus, tasting

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Monsieur Jacques, Vieux Lille, France

  So, after ages no seeing her, Aude came to visit me. And we had a nice time around in Lille, wondering around. Drinking wines and alcohol and visiting a lot … Bar mainly Monsieur Jacques seems like a very famous wine bar in Lille. >> Monsieur Jacques Everysingle person that I talked about knows… Continue reading Monsieur Jacques, Vieux Lille, France

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Cuvee Fabre, another Cotes du Rhone, Rhone Valley

Of Course, I often goes back to France, and Of course I taste new wines from different wineries. Classic Rhone for this cuvee- Cuvee Fabre. From Serignan du Comtat, where you can visit the Insect museum, done by the famous Jean Henri Fabre. Brilliant place for a good wine. I often goes on holidays or… Continue reading Cuvee Fabre, another Cotes du Rhone, Rhone Valley


The Art Berries… new blog, or where I can be linked to Art and to my friend Eva.

The Art Berries https://theartberries.wordpress.com/2018/03/28/welcome-to-the-art-berries-blog/ Pretty unusual of myself to share a Blog and advert it. But I love ART, and I really like my friend Eva that did a great job publishing it. Wines goes with Art, and Art goes with discoveries. Hope you will like it