RUM – Because it is almost time for it

Told you, I will at some point write a full article about RUM and how it is done!

Rum is done from Sugarcane products (sugarcane juice itself or molasses). Mainly coming from places where Sugarcane is produced, so mainly from the Islands (West Indies, Caribbean, Latin America).

Rum is produced via fermentation Then distillation

There are 3 types of RUM (from my point of view as it is pretty hard to classify):

  • Rum / Rhum Agricole : from natural juice of sugar cane
  • from molasses : from residuals of sugary insdustry
  • from evaporation and concentration of the natural juice of the sugar cane

The process is easy : Sugar cane is isually taken to a distillery, where the sugar and the juice are extracted. Then fermentation occurs, and to finish a great distillation where the white rum is produced within 65 to 70 % Abv.

White Rum is always produced, then put back to a better abv (40 to 60 % alcohol) by adding some source water in it)

Then, Rum is aged 12 months minimum, blended (like a great wine).

Some different kind of rums :

  • Spiced Rum : addition of spices and caramel (for colour)
  • Silver, White , light rums: filtered after ageing to remove residual colour.
  • Gold or Amber : aged in barrels
  • Dark Rums : with and from caramelised sugar, and aged in wooden barrels

The ageing gives the colour, as well as the addition of caramel for some rum (help to adjust the colour)

I really like Rum, and I do hope you know just a little bit more now. There are so many others rums, so I just tried to be easy for a start.

I believe as summer time is coming up, that a great cocktail can be enjoyed pretty easily with rum an tropical juices. Or on its own, in a small glass.

Ever heard of Daiquiri ?
4,5 CL of White Rum
2,5 CL of lime or lemon juice
1 CL of Syrup
Shake with Ice cubes, and put in a glass.


Told you, Summer is there !




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