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Bastille Day 2017, Apero Francais in London, United Kingdom

Quick post about a Bastille Day Aperitif, just a day in advance, as I am celebrating again tonight.

French apéritif is about Green olives, Saucisson, Camembert, bread (lots), tomatoes, tiny sausages, and WINE !

In this great day, I chose an Argentinian wine, Enamore!
I do agree the choice is funny, taking an Argentinian for a French national day, but as being a day in advance, anything is possible…

Enamore, is a fantastic wine, from grapes Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonarda … that have been previously dried before being crushed! Same method as the Italian Amarone.
From Uco Valley,  quite in altitude, in Mendoza area.

Very intense Red colour, almost violet kind of colour. Violet is also very important on the nose. Rich nose, quite a sweet feeling. On the taste, we can figure out the wine will be rich and complex. And it is the case, strong wine, quite sweet (dried grapes told you! ) , tanic, and perfectly velvety.

Happy Bastille day ! I will get back to another celebration !




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