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Maramia Cafe, Palestinian Food, London

We ended up there, because, everything was closed and we needed to get food after 9:30 pm on a Saturday night. This nice place was still open, no need for a reservation (where else do you find that in London ? ) >>maramia Perfect place, perfect service( super nice) ! Such a great warm and… Continue reading Maramia Cafe, Palestinian Food, London

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Malvasia Frizzante Forte Rigoni Ariola, Parma, Italy

I do not often go on holidays with her, but this time, the few days out in Italy were perfect. Full of laughs, fun, food and drinks. Here we are, my friend Alexandra and I, in Parma, great place, very quiet, perfect for escaping London craziness. In Emilia Romagna, and especially in Parma, I wanted… Continue reading Malvasia Frizzante Forte Rigoni Ariola, Parma, Italy

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Chateau Garreau, Papilles, London City Road

Friday night a friend made me discover a pretty nice bar hidden in the City. In the middle of buildings, nearby the Moorfields eyes hospital, charming nice French style wine bar. Huge wine list, great choice of Frapas (French style of tapas), cheeses, charcuteries, vegetables boards. The food is very good, well done, directly from… Continue reading Chateau Garreau, Papilles, London City Road

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Macarons and Gewurztraminer

Because I like Macarons, This even well before the movie “Marie Antoinette” put them back into fashion ! Almonds are something quite important where I come from, so I have always liked the taste. I tried to make some a couple of time, very hard to cook! You have thousand of recipes everywhere ! But… Continue reading Macarons and Gewurztraminer

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The Wee Pub, Glasgow, Scotland

Because, when you decide to go back there and see old friends, old places, and new places. because I lived there a long time ago, and going back to Scotland, the Highlands, the Loch is a great thing. So here I was, Glaswegian girl for one time again this year. Pretty awesome to see my… Continue reading The Wee Pub, Glasgow, Scotland

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Vindemio biodynamic wine, Ventoux, South of France

South of France for Easter. Easter in Family is great and I tend to taste new wines and sometimes Dad manages to find some interesting stuff. In that case a lovely Biodynamic wine from Ventoux AOP. vindemio Really good Red Wine from the ventoux slopes. Grenache and Syrah only, AOP Ventoux. Very good on Easter… Continue reading Vindemio biodynamic wine, Ventoux, South of France

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Sunday night, Home, London, United Kingdom

And … Spring is finally here! Lucky to have a nice terasse, small but great. We already started the barbecue time, but a on Sunday, what else to just relax with a great wine, great tartines and awesome salad. The wine chosen for the occasion is the wine given to me by some amazing friends working… Continue reading Sunday night, Home, London, United Kingdom