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One to Wine, Cheezelo, Wine and Cheese pairing/tasting

If you do not know what to do for a birthday celebration or just to spend a nice evening with cheeses and wines ? What else ? there is no reason to find to spend a nice evening with the 2 best things we have in this planet – Cheese and Wines. Here you can… Continue reading One to Wine, Cheezelo, Wine and Cheese pairing/tasting

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Au Comptoir (bis), Piolenc, South of France

Once again, restaurant in a cosy and nice place called the small City of Piolenc. > au comptoir restaurant and bar à vins I won’t talk a lot about the food as I liked it very much but we already talked about this way before. Very nice, handmade food, everything is handmade! always fresh and… Continue reading Au Comptoir (bis), Piolenc, South of France

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Cepage Libre, Vin de Pays, IGP, France

From lovely CoOperative in Serignan du Comtat. From organic vineyards and organic way of doing the wine, no added sulfites on this! > cepage libre Very Cherry style wine, fresh, fruity. Nice and round aromas (we are in South of France, so quite easy to do so)! Red fruits, a bit of liquorice on the… Continue reading Cepage Libre, Vin de Pays, IGP, France

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The Dairy, Clapham, London

Unexpected place, unexpected restaurant ! In Clapham Common, not that far from the park. Lovely place, pretty trendy, hipsterised but gorgeous in terms of food and drinks! >the Dairy The food there is very well done and amazing. From the most seasonal ingredients, fresh, direct from producers or markets. The idea here is for lunch… Continue reading The Dairy, Clapham, London

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Vagabond, Clapham Junction, London

VAGABOND How many wines bars are there now ? at the time I am writing, we are counting 6 ! And soon more… Such a great success. To say Good bye to our lovely Intern that had been with us for a month. Food as usual is very good, lot of taste, fresh charcuterie, fresh… Continue reading Vagabond, Clapham Junction, London

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Tamburino, Yeovil, Dorset

While Travelling to Dorset, yes Dorset, for a nice and lovely weekend away. Very lovely area actually, sea, sun, nature, landscape. Quite difficult to find a great place there as it was difficult to find an accomodation…  so in YEOVIL there is >> TAMBURINO Tamburino, is the Italian restaurant you can find in this city.… Continue reading Tamburino, Yeovil, Dorset

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Naughty Piglets, Brixton, London

What a great place ! Actually there are 2 Naughty Piglets ! one in Victoria and one in Brixton. The one in Brixton is just next to the famous Hootananny >>Hootananny Pretty nice and cosy atmosphery, Friendly staff. All wines are either Organic in case there are not Biodynamic. >> Naughty Piglets Small sharing creative… Continue reading Naughty Piglets, Brixton, London