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Macarons and Gewurztraminer

Because I like Macarons, This even well before the movie “Marie Antoinette” put them back into fashion ! Almonds are something quite important where I come from, so I have always liked the taste. I tried to make some a couple of time, very hard to cook! You have thousand of recipes everywhere ! But… Continue reading Macarons and Gewurztraminer

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La Boutique des Vins, La madeleine, Paris

> boutique des vins Quite a good way to get a Christmas diner with all the wine team. Pretty nice restaurant in the area of La Madeleine in Paris. Not that busy, looks like from what we overheard that since the Paris attacks, the area is less crowded (pretty sad to be honest as many… Continue reading La Boutique des Vins, La madeleine, Paris