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Vindemio biodynamic wine, Ventoux, South of France

South of France for Easter. Easter in Family is great and I tend to taste new wines and sometimes Dad manages to find some interesting stuff. In that case a lovely Biodynamic wine from Ventoux AOP. vindemio Really good Red Wine from the ventoux slopes. Grenache and Syrah only, AOP Ventoux. Very good on Easter… Continue reading Vindemio biodynamic wine, Ventoux, South of France

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Restaurant Zizou, Dusseldorf, Germany

When you have to travel, you often end up in hotels. Rarely, Hotels are brilliant, and with a great restaurant in. This is the case in the VanDerValk hotel in Dusseldorf in which the Brasserie Zizou is really good. > zizou I wanted something healthy. Yes, often away, I need to make sure I eat… Continue reading Restaurant Zizou, Dusseldorf, Germany